Lavoro q7 letvægts metalfri sikkerhedssko

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With all the Q7 Boots from lavoro you've come to the wind and weather protected.

Puncture-resistant real flex sole - Antistatic - Sheepskin Lining Plastic toe cap
Oil-resistant Non Slip Sole Water Resistant Leather Upper
Size: 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
Standard: EN ISO 345 S3

Fra 468,75 kr. Inkl. moms 375,00 kr. Regulær pris 1.111,25 kr. Inkl. moms

These boots from the house of lavoro are the Umtimative protection for any foot. The leather upper of the Q7 is made of high quality smooth leather, been carefully selected to give your foot stool the due to extremely high Unique pigment based formulation combines exceptional resilience and strength. Also has the leather thanks to the Wasseresistenten the features that make the shoe also suitable for outdoor use. Inside they are lined with soft sheepskin the shoes to allow even in winter ensure safe comfortable to wear. A cork footbed Extra Comfort As It Creates A optimum temperature in the Schuhinnern and is very comfortable to wear. As well as the insole which is Q7 Made from lambskin and insulated so that the sole of the foot from the cold. The forefoot area is protected by an aluminium cap from bumps or Herbabfallenden, stands. The cap perfectly fits onto the foot, is extremely light and so cannot be while walking, standing or driving. A Puncture-Resistant real flex sole protects against nail by tread and protects 100% sole of the foot, while other comparable the only do between 70 and 80%.