Giasco | ESSEN S3 CI, sikkerhedssko, sort

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Low shoe, IDROTECH® WRU grain Nubuck leather
thickness 1,8-2,0 mm.
Insert with WRU anti-scratch back leather thickness 1,8-2,0 mm. Soft Windtex® water resistant membrane lining, with very good perspiration and abrasion resistance.
Fra 1.555,00 kr. Inkl. moms 1.244,00 kr.

Shoe with refracting fabric insert.
Soft, lined and padded tongue.
TOECAP 200J polymeric composite non-thermic according to EN 12568
MIDSOLE flexible antiperforation composite fabric according to EN 12568
SOLE STABILE bidensity polyurethane antistatic, resistant to hydrolysis ISO 5423:92, to hydrocarbons and to abrasion, anti-shock and anti-slipping SRC
ANTI TORSION insert in the sole to assure stability on uneven ground

CI insulated surface against cold -17°C
INSOLE 5000, three-materials extracomfort: perspiring, removable, anatomic, absorbing, ESD and anti-bacterial
Size 39-47 Shoe weight Sz 42 gr. 635